2014 Sermons

January 2014

 Jan 5, Nelson Gehman, Old Paths For The New Year

 Jan 12, Nelson Gehman, God Still Speaks Today

 Jan 19, Rodney Weaver, Strength in Weakness

 Jan 26, Crit Lapp, Living Victorious, Romans 6


Febuary 2014

Feb 2, BMA/MEW  (No recording)

 Feb 9, Clair Martin, Headship Veiling P-1

 Feb 16, Clair Martin, Headship Veiling P-2

 Feb 23, Nelson Gehman, Being Consistent,Proverbs 4:1-19


March 2014

Revivals – Phil Hershburger

 March 2 (Sunday Morning) Come As A Child

 March 2 (Sunday Evening) Passing The Test

 March 3 (Monday Evening) The Prodigal Sons

 March 4 (Tuesday Evening) The Power of The Cross

 March 5 (Wednesday Evining) Follower of Christ

 March 6 (Thursday Evening) Witnessing

 March 7 (Friday Evening) Trusting God


 March 9, Crit Lapp, God’s Order For the Family

 March 16, Corby Russell, Who Are You, And What Church Do You Attend?

 March 23, Clair Martin, Baby Dedication

 March 30, Nelson Gehman, Praise Thy God O Church



 April 6, Landis Weaver, Daily Christian Living

 April 6 (Sunday Evening), Dave Rotelle, Anabaptist Faith

 April 13, Crit Lapp, The Good Life

 April 20, Clair Martin, Easter Sunday

 April 27, Dan Beachy, Be Ready, Matthew 24:44



 May 4, Crit Lapp, Are You ready? 1 John

 May 11, Clair Martin, Today Not Tomorrow, James 4:13-17

 May 18, Jay Laughman, Walking By Faith

 May 25, Crit Lapp, How to Live in a Hostile World



June 1, Church Camp Out, No Recording

June 8, Wayne Rutt Commissioning, No Recording

 June 15, John Hurst, Fathers Day Message¬†

 June 22, Keith Belier, Putting To Death The Respectable Sin

 June 29, Clair Martin, Daniel 11



 July 6, Crit Lapp, God’s Grace Compels us to Godly Living

 July 13, Clair Matin, Walking in the Light

 July 20, Glenn Sell, Oh To Be Like You

July 17, BMA Convention, No Recording



 August 3, Crit Lapp, Strengthened For Suffering

 August 10, Kendall Zimmerman, In His Image

 August 17, Jay Laughman, Temptation

 August 24, Clair Martin, Be Thou Faithful, Revelations 2:8-11




 September 7, Crit Lapp, Arm Yourselves Against Sin

 September 14, Clair Martin, Daniel 11:36-45

 September 21, Nelson Gehman, Pharoah The Arrogant Statesman

 September 28, Crit Lapp, Living The Pilgrim Life in This World, 1 Peter 4:7-8



 October 5, Clair Martin, Daniel 12

 October 12, Nelson Gehman, Cain, Genesis 4:1-16

 October 19, Cameron Weaver, Why I Believe The Bible

 October 26, Garnet Myers, Psalms 92:10



 November 2, Clair Martin, 1 Corinthians 11:26-30

 November 9, Nelson Gehman, Study of Miriam

 November 16, Crit Lapp, Spiritual Giftedness for God’s Glory

 November 30, Nelson Gehman, Thanksgiving