2015 Sermons

January 2015

 Jan 4, Clair Martin, The 5 Hindrances to Your Prayer Life

 Jan 11, Nelson Gehman, A Young Man’s Resolution 

 Jan 18, Crit Lapp, The Parable of the Pharisee and the Publican 

 Jan 25, Clair Martin, Abraham’s Obedience 


February 2015

 Feb 1, Andy Rutt, Walking as Christ Walked 

 Feb 8, Crit Lapp, Embrace Suffering, 1 Peter 

Feb 15, No Church – Snow Storm

 Feb 22, Marvin Troyer, Giants in Your Life, Numbers 13 


March 2015

 March 1, Bob Webb, The Grace of God, Romans 5:20 


Revivals – David Yoder

 March 1, Sunday Evening, Turning Our Hearts Toward God 

 March 2, Monday Evening, Ponder The Path 

March 3, Tuesday Evening, Canceled – Because Snow

 March 4, Wednesday Evening, When Thy Son Asketh Thee  


 March 8, Nelson Gehman, The God Who Is 

 March 15, Crit Lapp, 1 Peter 5:1-4 

 March 22, Clair Martin, Baby Dedication Sunday 

 March 29, Nelson Gehman, John 1 – Introduction To The Author  


April 2015

 April 5, Crit Lapp, God’s Declaration of the Messiah 

 April 12, Clair Martin, You Must Be Born Again

 April 19, Dwight Wenger, Sharing From The Platforms God Has Given Us 

 April 26, Mark Schlabach, Kingdom Perspective 

 April 26, Mark Schlabach, Kingdom Stewardship 


May 2015

 May 3, Crit Lapp, The Essential Attitudes Of A True Believer, 1 Peter 5:5-7 

 May 10, Clair Martin, Mothers Day 

 May 17, Nelson Gehman, A Man With a Calling, John 3:25-26 

 May 25, Jay Laughman,  Joshua 1:1-9 


JUNE 2015

June 1, – Church Campout, No Recording

 June 7, Crit Lapp, Resisting Our Adversary The Devil, 1 Peter 5:8-9  

 June 14, Clair Martin, Six Times Down And One To Go, 2 Kings 5 

 June 21, Larry Ressler, The Challenge of Living in The Promised Land 

 June 28, Nelson Gehman, A Miracle and a Message, John 5:1-18 


July 2015

 July 5, Wayne Rutt, The Divinity of Christ 

 July 12, Crit Lapp, Death of the Old Man 

July 19, Foreign Missionary, Recording Not Online

 July 26, Luke Weaver, Christian Family- The Endagered Species 


August 2015

 Aug 2, Clair Martin, Called Out 

 Aug 9, Nelson Gehman, Is This Food? 

 Aug 16, Randy Martin, I Am A Child Of The King 

 Aug 23, Crit Lapp, God of All Grace 

 Aug 30, Clair Martin, Temptation  


September 2015

 Sept 6, Nelson Gehman, Jesus Proves His Identity, John 8:1-12 

 Sept 13, Crit Lapp  

 Sept 27, Clair Martin, 2nd Peter 1 



Oct 4, Crit Lapp, Our Sufficient Salvation

 Oct 11, Nelson Gehman, The Good Shepard 

 Oct 18, Adam Good, 5 Attributes of a Christian 

 Oct 25, Clair Martin, Faith in God 



Nov 1, No Recording

Nov 8, No Recording

 Nov 15, Jay Laughman 

 Nov 23, Clair Martin, Thanksgiving, A Day or a Lifestyle? 

 Nov 29, Nelson Gehman, Jesus Divides a Crowd 



 Dec 6, Crit Lapp, Testimony of a Godly Teacher 

 Dec 13 Clair Martin, 1 Kings 18 

 Dec 20, Nelson Gehman, The God Who Reveals Himself 

 Dec 28, Crit Lapp, Eye Witness Confirmation of the Word