2018 Sermons


 Jan 7, Jason Groff, Temptation Which is Common to Man
 Jan 14, Jay Laughman, The Imminent Return of Jesus Christ
 Jan 21, Andy Rutt, Sanctity of the Unborn
Jan 28, John Hurst, Christ – All I Need


Feb 4, Clair Martin, Conformed or Transformed?
Feb 11, Loren Yoder, Returning To Your First Love
Feb 18, Nelson Gehman, Time Management

Revivals- Rick Rhodes
Feb 25 (Sunday Morning), Give Me a Burden
Feb 25 (Sunday Evening), A Godly Burden
Feb 26 (Monday Evening), The Choice to Be Honest
Feb 27 (Tuesday Evening), Obedience – God’s Word is Sure
Feb 28 (Wedneday Evening), Safe And Sorry
Mar 1 (Thursday Evening), Try the Spirits


Mar 4, Andy Rutt, Following Through
Mar 11, Clair Martin, Noah’s Day Vs. Our Day
Mar 18, Ryan Laughman, Biblical Ministry Balance
Mar 25, Nelson Gehman, Who Is This Man?


Apr 1, Andy Rutt, Believe in the Hope of the Resurrection
Apr 8, Clair Martin, When is Enough, Enough?
Apr 15, Nelson Gehman, Why Should I Share the Gospel?
Apr 22, Andy Rutt, Encouragement: The Christian Way
Apr 29, Leon Martin, Pastor Qualifications


May 06, Clair Martin, Preparatory Message
May 13, Andy Rutt, The Legacy Of A Godly Mother
May 20, Doug Ramer, Spiritual Gifts Part 1
May 20, Doug Ramer, Spiritual Gifts Part 2
May 27, Nelson Gehman, A Change of Thinking


June 3, Campout – No Recording
June 10, Andy Rutt, The Bride of Christ
June 17, Clair Martin, Father’s Day Message
June 24, Jay Laughman, The Church As A Building


July 1, Nelson Gehman, Why Jesus Came To This Earth
July 8, Clair Martin, Baptism Sunday
July 15, Crit Lapp, Keys to Joyful Fellowship in Church
July 22, Nelson Gehman, Prayer & Wisdom
July 29, Ben Martin, Understanding Temptation


August 5, Clair Martin, Sexual Purity
August 12, Andy Rutt, In God We Trust
August 19, Nelson Gehman, Sound Speech
That Honors God

August 26, Nelson Gehman, The Relational God


September 2, Clair Martin, Discouragment
September 9, Andy Rutt, Nonresistance – The Way of Jesus
September 16, Jason Reed, Marriage Relationships – Part 1
September 16, Jason Reed, Marriage Relationships – Part 2
September 16, Jason Reed, Marriage Relationships – Part 3
September 23, Arlynn Miller, New Horizons Ministry Presentation
September 30, Nelson Gehman, The Disciplined Mind


October 7, Andy Rutt, NonResistence Pt.2
October 14, Clair Martin, Too Busy to Fish
October 21, Andrew Hess, Peter Walks on Water
October 28, Jay Laughman, God’s Headship Principle


November 04, Nelson Gehman, The Half Baked Christian
November 11, Clair Martin, Godly Discipline
November 18, Doug Fuhrman, Indigenous or Pilgrim
November 25, Andy Rutt, Filled But Never Full


December 02, Nelson Gehman, Foundational Love in the Home
December 9, Clair Martin, Security
December 16, Rodney Weaver, Don’t Just Believe
December 23, Nelson Gehman, Matthew Presents Jesus