2020 Sermons


January 5, Nelson Gehman, Have You Met Jesus?
January 12, Clair Martin, The Fortune Of Misfortune
January 19, Andy Rutt, Humility
January 26, Nelson Gehman, The God Who Works In Us


February 2, Doug Ramer, Salvation is By Faith Alone
February 9, Andy Rutt, Persuing Christ
February 16, Nelson Gehman, The High Calling of God
February 23, Dwight Wenger, Practical Christian Living


March 1, Clair Martin, True Contentment
Revivals- Mark Eicher
March 08 (Sunday Morning), Conformed or Transformed
March 08 (Sunday Evening), Worshiping in Unity
March 09 (Monday Evening), To Be a Dad Who Is Awake and Alive Spiritually
March 10 (Tuesday Evening), Where’s Your Focus/When You’re 90, Where Will You Be
March 11 (Wednesday Evening), Battles in Our Lives: Building or Destroying Us?

March 15, Andy Rutt, Coming Home
March 22, Nelson Gehman, God Speaks Through the Storm
March 29, Clair Martin, A Night With the Lions


April 5, Andy Rutt, The Forgotten Discipline
April 12, Nelson Gehman, Jesus is Our King
April 19, Nelson Gehman, Forgivness
April 26, Clair Martin, Standing, Erring, Resisting


May 3, Jay Laughman, Be the Church
May 10, Andy Rutt, A Mothers Faith
May 17, Clair Martin, Beware of the foxes
May 24, Nelson Gehman, Good Thoughts for Bad Times
May 30, Henry Blank, Missions
May 31, Henry Blank, Why Sit Here Until We Die?


June 7, Clair Martin, Where Will You be at Midnight
June 14, Andy Rutt, City On a Hill
June 21, Nelson Gehman, The Humble Pray of an Aged Man
June 28, Timothy Miller, The Commandment


July 5, Clair Martin, Loyal to Whom
July 12, Andy Rutt, Unity Of The Saints
July 19, Crit Lapp, God’s Sovereignty
July 26, Nelson Gehman, Everything Borrowed


August 2, Clair Martin, Devotion or Devotions
August 9, Andy Rutt, Facing the Truth
August 16, Barry Wenger, The Process
August 23, Nelson Gehman, What God is Able to Do with a Praying Man
August 30, Andy Rutt, What Grace Does


September 6, Clair Martin, What is Your Conscience
September 13, Nelson Gehman, What to Expect from the World
September 20, Jay Laughman, Qualification Message
September 27, Richard Newswanger, Qualification Message 2


October 4, Jay Laughman, Congregations Role
October 11, Lester Swartzentruber, Congregations Role
October 11, Lester Swartzentruber, Congregations Role
October 11, Lester Swartzentruber, Congregations Role
October 25, Mike Smucker, Intro to Thessalonians


November 1, Clair Martin, Hiding in the Baggage
November 8, Andy Rutt, Calebs Spirit
November 15, Mike Smucker, Marks of the Believer
November 22, Andy Rutt, Faithfulness of the Father
November 29, Nelson Gehman, The Character of Our Father


December 6, Mike Smucker, 1 Thessalonians 2:1-12
December 13, Nelson Gehman, 1 Chorinthians 9: 15-27
December 20, Andy Rutt, Why The Celebration
December 27, Clair Martin, This I Know